YellowAnt is a workplace assistant bot that lets you manage and automate your work. YellowAnt is available as a standalone web application and as a bot on Slack and Microsoft Teams. It connects with your workplace applications like Task Management, Email, Calendar, Cloud Storage, Code Repositories, Application and Server monitoring, Incident Management, CI/CD and most DevOps tools and gets you real time updates from all your apps. These updates also come with interactive action buttons and action forms, so that you can take immediate actions whenever you get an alert.

Since YellowAnt is connected to all your apps, you can create cross application workflows that can be triggered by a YellowAnt command or a background event from one of your apps. These powerful workflows ultimately let you automate a significant chunk of your tasks and take actions with incredible speed thereby reducing your response time to critical events.

Head over to www.yellowant.com to sign up now!

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