Marketplace and App Categories

YellowAnt is a one size-fits-all platform (more like one-platform-fix-all). It caters to the needs of all kinds of businesses and all the different domains that fall within the company. YellowAnt makes it easy for your teams to decide which apps to choose by segregating them into categories and combinations of apps usually used widely in the industry.

Let's quickly look at how the YellowAnt Marketplace is laid out for your ease of use:


You can find all applications that are available in the YellowAnt marketplace under this category. This is the best way to skim through all of them at once and figure out your needs easily.

Available Apps: Every Application that appears in other categories


YellowAnt supports Google Analytics under the analytics category. Many more applications will be available soon.

Available Apps: Google Analytics


YellowAnt lets you access and control many of the widely used communication tools. You can get updates and take quick actions on those apps.

Available Apps: Gmail, Calendar, RSS, Twitter, Google Contacts, Intercom

Customer Relationship Management

CRM tools are extremely useful to Sales, Marketing and Customer Support teams and YellowAnt massively reduces the time wasted on these applications by enabling you to get updates and take quick actions through commands and input boxes.

Available Apps: Jira, JiraO, Freshdesk, Salesforce, Twitter, Intercom

Developer Tools

Developers need a lot of applications across product cycles and even post delivery. From code repositories, issue tracking, server monitoring to code management, YellowAnt has you covered fully. Most versatile integrations for valuable products.

Available Apps: _Bitbucket, Jira, Github, JiraO, Sentry, Jenkins, Airbrake, CircleCI, New Relic, AWS-CloudWatch

File Management

Manage your files and search for them across applications like Google Drive and Dropbox. Why leave Slack or your chat window when with one click you have access to a search bar within it. Easy to use - effective and fast.

Available Apps: Google Drive, Dropbox

Google Apps

With Google's GSuite used across so many businesses, even YellowAnt has it bundled together under one category.

Available Apps: Gmail, Calendar, Google Analytics, Google Drive, Google Contacts, YouTube


Marketing can be a tedious domain to work if you're not using the right tools. Why not use the right integrations as well? Control all your marketing needs from within your chat window. From getting insights from analytics to "listening" to your company's mentions on twitter. You can do it all from one control center.

Available Apps: Google Analytics, Twitter, YouTube, Intercom, Salesforce


So many applications to make quick notes. With YellowAnt's Evernote integration, you can easily pull up a dialog box or execute a simple command and make a note of whatever comes up throughout the day during work. You can even search for notes, create to-do lists or take actions on them.

Available Apps: Evernote

Project Management

All domains in all businesses require project management tools. YellowAnt connects to all these applications and lets you get constant updates from your project boards and take quick actions along with performing tasks through simple dialog boxes and commands.

Available Apps: Asana, Trello, Jira, JiraO, Evernote


In this domain, staying on top of things and leads is key. There are various applications that bridges the technological gaps in sales and now with YellowAnt, it is possible to save lots of time and manage applications using dialog boxes and commands through chat apps like Slack itself. Assigning tasks and updating regularly is now just a click away, no matter which application you use.

Available Apps: Salesforce, Freshdesk, Jira, JiraO, Intercom

Server Monitoring

Businesses and software systems reply heavily on server monitoring to ensure everything is running buttery smooth always. Network engineers and admins have a hectic task of making sure they do the job through many applications. Now, with YellowAnt integrations you can get even quicker updates right into your Slack or other chat apps. You can monitor, assign and even resolve issues right from the chat window without having to switch context.

Available Apps: New Relic, AWS CloudWatch, CircleCI, Airbrake, Jenkins, Sentry


Once in a while at work, we require help or need to take a quick break and hop onto Twitter or YouTube. Now, don't go down the spiral path of being distracted. Need Twitter? Pull up your feeds within Slack and take quick actions - Retweet, Heart or even post your own tweet. Look up a video on YouTube directly from Slack/chat apps or search questions and answers on StackExchange as well. All this with a click, awesome dialog boxes and super simple commands of YellowAnt.

Available Apps: StackExchange,Twitter, RSS, YouTube

To-do Lists

For staying on top of things, creating to-do lists forms an important part of the day's beginning and even throughout the day. You can now create lists, pull already existing ones and even update them right from the chat window. YellowAnt makes it all possible with the various to-do app integrations.

Available Apps: Evernote, Asana


The miscellaneous section has apps like Wikipedia, RSS and few others. Search for an article on Wikipedia through Slack or your chat app and only go to the page if the information seems insufficient. YellowAnt takes care of all your needs with the apps in various categories.

Available Apps: YouTube, RSS, Wikipedia, StackExchange, Twitter

Building on top of YellowAnt?

You will also see these two categories:

Private To You - Applications build by you and kept private to yourself only. You can use it with YellowAnt, find it in the marketplace but your team members won't see it until you make it "Private to Your Team".

Private To Your Team - Applications build by members of your team and kept private to the team only. You can use it with YellowAnt, find it in the marketplace but other YellowAnt users outside your team won't see it until you make it "Public" and it is verified and tested by the YellowAnt Dev Team as well.

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