Command Workflows

What is a command workflow? YellowAnt is connected to all your apps so you can create cross application workflows that can be triggered by a YellowAnt command. This means with a simple command you can trigger a chain of events across different apps and even use the subsequent data in the process.

The "Command Workflows" panel of the YellowAnt dashboard is the control center for all your command workflows in use. It is divided into two sections -

Your Workflows

This contains all the workflows that you are currently using. You can go to the workflow management page by clicking on the "manage" button on your workflow cards. In the management tab you can edit the workflow or make other required settings changes.

Available Workflows

This contains all the workflows that are available as templates in the YellowAnt Marketplace. You can click on "Use Template" button on these cards to see what they contain in a detailed overview and proceed to click on the top right button with same "Use Template" again to start editing or using for your needs.

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