1. Go to your YellowAnt Dashboard ( or head over to the YellowAnt Marketplace. In the search bar, simply look for “Alexa”, or click on the icon. If you have already integrated the application, you will be able to see it under “My Applications”.

2. Once you find the application either in the dashboard or on the Marketplace click on Integrate. You will be taken to a page where you'll find the integrate option/button. Click on the integrate button.

3. You will be redirected to the YellowAntr Alexa Skill on Amazon. Click "Enable".

4. Enable Alexa Notifications and Save Permissions

5. Select the team you want to integrate with Alexa

6. Alexa will now confirm that the YellowAnt skill has been enabled.

7. The next step is to invoke the skill. Go to your device and say, "Alexa Open Skill". When asked the name of the skill, say "YellowAnt". Alexa will confirm invocation, and you are all set to integrate various notifications from all of your apps with Alexa using workflows from YellowAnt.

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