How to Signup

YellowAnt accounts exist within teams. All individuals in the team creates their own account within the YellowAnt team.

There are three ways to sign up on YellowAnt:

  • Using Slack

  • Using Microsoft Teams (Coming Soon)

  • Using Email

This is covered in detail in their respective sections.

How do YellowAnt teams work?

Let's take an example. A member of team ACME is signing up on YellowAnt for the first time. He creates a team called acme-team on YellowAnt. The URL for the team is and anyone from the same team would be in the same YellowAnt team as well. This is because all YellowAnt accounts (Basic, Premium or Enterprise) are billed at a team level.

The team URL looks like this:

How does it work when using Slack?

In a Slack team, when one of the team members signs up on YellowAnt, a new YellowAnt team with the same subdomain is created. Now, whenever a member of that Slack team joins YellowAnt, they are automatically part of the same YellowAnt team. This is because of the same reason i.e. billing takes place at a team level.

For example, the acme-team on slack has a corresponding acme-team on YellowAnt when signing up using Slack.

If Slack team URL is:

Then, YellowAnt team URL would be:

How does it work when using Microsoft Teams?

Coming Soon.

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