ote: An application on YellowAnt is a connection to an account on an external service with functionalities usable through YellowAnt commands and workflows.

The application panel of the YellowAnt dashboard is the control center for all your integrations.

It is divided into two sections -

Your Applications

This section contains all the applications that are already integrated with your YellowAnt account. The integrated applications' cards will have a button called 'Manage' which you can click to enter the settings page of that particular application.

  • Change the application invoke name The invoke name is used to call apps with commands. For example, the default invoke name for GMail is 'gmail' and to send a mail, you must execute the command 'gmail send'. If you change the invoke name from 'gmail' to 'email', the corresponding send mail command becomes 'email send'.

  • Change notifications settings YellowAnt subscribes you to a number of notification for each account of that application. If you don't wish to receive those notifications you can change them individually from here.

YellowAnt Application Management Center - Change invoke names and notification settings.

Available Applications

This section contains all the applications that are available as YellowAnt integrations. The application cards have a button called 'Integrate' which on clicking takes you to the integration page of the application. Start integrating applications.

YellowAnt Applications Panel in the Dashboard.

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