System Commands

System Commands in YellowAnt let you administer and control your YellowAnt account. YellowAnt has three main system commands:
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    yellowant YellowAnt is the system administrator application. It is basically used to fetch and update your user information. You can perform the following actions using this:
    a. Change application invoke name: Used to change the name of the application invoke name from "yellowant" to whatever the user wishes to call it.
    b. Get User First Name: Fetches the first name of the registered user.
    c. Get user time zone: Fetches the time zone of the user.
    d. Set user First Name: Changes the first name of the user.
    e. Set user time zone: Sets the time zone of the user.
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    help The help command in YellowAnt lets the user fetch important information about how to use a particular function or perform a certain action. The help command can be used in three ways:
    a. As a means to get assistance with YellowAnt platform. Used as meta-function to get information about their general configuration with respect to YellowAnt. Command: help
b. As a means to get assistance with a particular application. Using this lets you learn about the functions or actions available for an application/integration. Command: help "appname" Example: help gmail
c. As a means to get very specific information about how a particular function of an application works. You can see how to execute it and what parameters are required to execute it. Command: help "appname" "functionname" Example: help gmail send
3. cron The "cron" system function is used to schedule an action/function execution at a specific time. It can be used to create a one-time executable or a recurring executable. You can schedule a function to be executed at a particular time of the day weekly, hourly or only once.
You start with the command "cron" which gives you three functions: a. Delete a Cron job: Used to delete already scheduled jobs. b. List user Cron jobs: Used to list scheduled jobs of the user. c. Schedule a Cron Job: There are multiple ways to schedule jobs on YellowAnt.
To fetch all functions under cron functionality.
Example: To schedule a task to fetch your asana tasks everyday at 10:00 AM
To list the cron jobs you have:
To delete already scheduled tasks, you can list and hit the "delete" button or use the delete function to do the same: